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24 February 2013

I'm Shot!

Sitting next to that unfired round of .45 ACP hollow point is a spent armor piercing .50 BMG bullet.

I was hit by that bullet in late 1988.

Hit me 5" below my right nipple.

After I got my breath back, I was fine.  I'm Superman!

Actually it was a ricochet from a nearby range at Grafenwöhr, Germany.  It spanged off some range, skipped off the turret deck and into my PASGT vest.  I was standing in the loader's hatch and it knocked the breath right out of me, I fell down to the turret floor and was quite confused about what had happened to me.

I found the above bullet in the weave of my vest.  I'm the only person I know to fill out the Natick forms from the pocket of a flak vest!

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