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13 February 2013

Kill Ratio

He seems to have shot himself.

Two cops dead, then him.

2:1, plus two non-combatents.

Remember the math?

To win the gun owners merely have to achieve a 1:1 ratio and there will still be 77.5 million gun owners.

And this fucker was insane!

Don't push the rational past their limits, they're better because their though processes aren't compromised.

You want to be on my side, officer, deputy, trooper.

Custer had better odds.

1 comment:

  1. Don't forget the number of work hours consumed looking for this thug. The number of people taken off the streets to protect their own.

    And the damage to their reputation/standing in the community due to their inability to distinguish a legitimate target from a grandmother.

    1 person in 1 area did all that.
    I have myself and 3 other 2nd Amendment Advocates living in my house. Think about it Officers, Think long and carefully about it.


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