19 February 2013

Put The Heat On

Read this first (dead link).

It's only-ones banding together.

Update October 19, 2016: You can't read it because when only-ones band together they also lock out the common citizen from seeing it.  Way to build transparancy and trust!

I can't have, cop can't have, Mr Westrom.

I don't care who bought the guns the people violating my rights carry.  I do care who sold them though.

You have a chance to draw a line in the sand FOR the people you swore to protect, Mr Former Cop Westrom.

But you don't care.  Your response boiled down to, "we sell to anyone it is legal to sell to; and if there's a large block of people who can't, so what?"

So what?

York Arms is so what.

Spikes Tactical is so what.

They make ARs too.

Well, Mr Westrom, I remember when your company was Eagle Arms.  You bought the Armalite name.  I suspect it may soon be for sale again.  I hope so.  For the template about how this works, just ask Ruger and S&W about how gun owners will vote with their wallets.

Pay attention to the answer, unlike Ruger and S&W you don't make a product that is unique.

You may also pay attention to Colt.  Colt did some serious pandering to avoid the legal axes and ended up in bankruptcy over it.  Look how close to death they always are because their life-blood is government contracts and not commercial sales.  Look at the panic in their eyes now that the TDP for the M16 and M4 is available to Remington and FN without paying them their blood money.

Wait, you don't have an open ended contract like they do, do you?

I'll have fries with my order, Mark.

h/t NC Gunblog

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