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24 February 2013

Return Of The Sling Thing

The Magpul Illumination Kit came with a short 3-slot section of rail.

I got curious about what use I could put it to and decided to see if mounting a GG&G Sling Thing there would be comfortable.

It is!

The sling location is similar to where I had a QD socket on the LaRue 4-rail.

Links to Midway USA because they're in the NYFS boycott.


Nope, don't like it.  I keep using the sling mount as a thumb rest and that puts my hand no place near the controls of the light.

1 comment:

  1. I tried the same thing you did, and had the same problem. My fix was I got a 5 slot rail piece, and mounted it with the front hole in the rail at the rear most end of the rear slot. I then drilled a small hole in the handguards for the other screw back closer to the upper receiver. This allowed the sling mount where I wanted it, and kept it out of the way of my left hand on the fore-end. I mocked it up with just the one screw in and really torqued down so the rail wouldn't move before I drilled the other hole, just to make sure it was going to work.

    I also got a short tape switch, and moved the light to the other side of the gun. I put the tape switch in the little holder that came in the light kit and clipped it into the front 2 holes on the left side of the handguards. Where your light is. I had to do goofy stuff with my grip to turn the light on after that, so that was a no go.


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