12 February 2013


Rewatching Babylon 5.

I have new sympathy for Londo Mollari.

Must be from being twenty years older than the first time I'd seen the episodes.


  1. Yeah, Londo may have been an scheming, ambitious, and opportunistic bastard, but he did get manipulated far more viciously than he really deserved, didn't he? And even when he was scheming solely for his own benefit, he didn't put his ambitions above what he thought were the best interests of his people.

    At least he got some small measure of payback in the end.

  2. Kind of like how when I watched Animal House a few years ago after many, many years without seeing it, I could easily see Dean Wormer's viewpoint. No sane college administration would want the Deltas around, and I bet the ordinary students were good and sick and tired of their endless pranks and hellraising.


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