22 March 2017

This Has Happened Before It Will Happen Again

As I watch the world do nothing about militant Islam, I am oddly reminded of two other historical times where the world took a long time taking care of an obvious problem.

The two golden eras of piracy.

Piracy was bad for business, but difficult to stamp out because during those two times it served the national interests of at least one of the major players.

It was when the major players had kissed and made up, ignoring pirates for what they were was a diplomatic problem to say the least.

When it was decided that letting pirates run free was no longer in any of the major powers interest, piracy was gone in a virtual instant.

In both cases, they declared it was OK to just kill them on sight.  No arrests, trials or other niceties.

Civilization exacts a high price from those whom choose to live outside it when it decides that everyone outside can be killed out of hand.

I think we might be near reaching that point with Islam.  No Muslim nation is a member of Western Civilization.  They come pre-outsided and pre-othered.

All it would take is summoning the will to eradicate them.

Every terror attack stiffens the resolve and makes common purpose among the peoples of nations being attacked.  People are starting to see that civilizational conflicts only end one way.

All that really needs be done is to convince the non-Islamic nations to hang back and let it happen, and many of them are OK with that.

Or Islam could reform.  Don't laugh.  There's scholastic evidence that there isn't a single Koran, but several versions.  This is actively suppressed, but if you dig around you'll find the references.  If a less warlike version of Islam from a "lost" copy could gain ascendancy, then perhaps they could live as neighbors.

If not, well one civilization has to die.  I don't think it will be mine.


  1. Agreed, and I DO prefer the Russian's way of dealing with pirates... :-)

  2. This, too, will burn out. ISIS is very like the Red Guards during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Compare and contrast the rhetoric the Chinese used about us during the Cultural Revolution with what they're saying now, even though the current ChiCom government claims to be Mao's own heirs.

  3. What about Turkey? It's a muslim nation, partially in Europse and a member of NATO. Does that not count as sufficiently Western?


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