05 March 2017

Not Like TV At All

County Jail was a lot more like the Army than I would have believed.

Some interesting things happened.

I was approached by three guys speaking what was clearly code to see what motorcycle club I was in.  I haven't been a biker for going on 20 years now, so I don't know anyone's secret handshakes.

Kind of cool I still give off the vibe though.

My fellow inmates were astonishingly nice and helpful in finding my way around.  If I could score a pair of ear plugs I think I could do the time with most of my sanity intact.

Like basic training, it's rigidly scheduled.  Most of this rigidity is why it took so long to secure my release once bonded.  Thing A happens at time Y and it takes X minutes per pod.  Only one pod can be open to the central point at a time and there's six pods to a point.

Normally by the time Thing A is done, it's time for B to start then C then...  Releases have to wait for the gaps.

All in all, I'd really rather not go back.  But it's sure not what I expected based on television accounts.

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