31 March 2017

Updated Information

I used CCI "TNT"® Green™ 30 gr at 2,050 fps to figure out my GURPS stats for .22 WMR from a Savage 93F.

The thing is, Hornady's VMAX 30gr is more representational of .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire.

That's tearing along at 2,300 fps.

Using Douglas Cole's spreadsheet we get 2.91 dice calculated and with the ±10% rule that's 2.62 to 3.2 dice or 2d+2 pi-, 3d pi-, or 3d+1 pi-.

The 5.7x28mm 28gr FMJ round at 2,550 fps gets 4d pi- from a 16" P90S. (GURPS: High Tech 4e p. 126).  However... it calculates to 3.12 dice with a fudge range of 2.81 to 3.43 or 3d-1 pi-, 3d pi-, or 3d+2 pi-; so for this round Mr Cole is about 2 points low.

Using Mr Cole's calculator, .22 WMR is about a point less powerful than 5.7x28mm.

Going from the High Tech stats, that would give 4d-1 pi- for ball ammo.  I've also upped the damage of a 1-1/8" barreled NAA Mini to 2d-1 pi- and a 5-1/2" barreled Ruger Single Six to 2d+2 pi-.

Against an unarmored torso 4d-1 pi- is 1-11 points of damage.

Hollow points would be 4d-1(0.5) pi.

Using hollow-points against our coyote from here, we do 3-23 raw damage.  Minus one because the armor modifier of 0.5 gives DR 1 to unarmored targets which means that 2-22 penetrates.  Against HP 7, that's two death rolls for a body hit at max damage.  An average hit of 13 means 12 penetrates almost getting a death roll on a body hit.

This seems consistent with what I've read from people hunting with such rifles.

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