05 March 2017

Honor Hurts

The Lovely Harvey calls in tears.

The Boy is in an incoherent rage.  He's screaming obscenities.  He's throwing things.  He's hurting himself.  He's screaming threats of further violence at Grandma.

She doesn't know what to do.  He's been like this solid since 1400.  He's taken five (5) [FIVE!!] clonazepam's and isn't even slowed down, normally two would knock his ass out for 12 hours (or more).

I am 35 miles away.

I am prohibited by law to make the 15 minute drive (Corvettes are fast) to get home and help.

I tell her to call 911.

She has and the deputies have been out and he's doing his second Baker Act.  72 hours mandatory this time.  Harvey is inconsolable.  She feels like she's failed him and they're going to take him away to a "never see him again" institution.  It doesn't work that way.  What he's going to get is a full evaluation outside his normal environment.  With blood work fresh from his raging!  This could be the missing key to getting his meds in the right spot.  Fingers crossed.

The deputies got to see him at full steam this time.  I feel guilty thinking that this cannot help but bolster my pending case.

I want to know why he suddenly nosed dived behavior wise since the new year.  It just doesn't make any damn sense.


  1. Suddenly at the new year may just be a coincidence. I am not a shrink, but I would guess that he is changing because he is getting older. While it is hard to say exactly where he is developmentally because it may vary from aspect to aspect, he is either going through what a lot of kids do as they enter puberty or what a lot of young adults do as they enter adulthood. Both of those stages are quite often angst filled. And when you add in the extra challenges that he faces it isn't hard to imagine it blowing up as it has.

    As far as I know, other than maybe Gitmo, there are no "never see him again" places. Generally state agencies really don't want to take away kids from their parents anyway, because that costs them a lot of money. I am hoping you are correct that the hospital people seeing him and getting blood work when he is fresh from a bender will help.

    I also agree that it is likely that this incident will be useful to your defense. Although it is a crock of excrement that there IS a case. Bunch of BS that you have to spend a lot of money to clear your name of something that should never have been there in the first place.

    1. We're making a list of all the things which are different from before the beginning of the year and after.

      Things still happen according to the calendar even if he doesn't realize it.

      It could even be as small as us not going out for dinner after his practices because they're on the "wrong" day for all three of us to be there.


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