24 March 2017

Waste Of Time

The VA cannot figure out why my legs still hurt.

Their best guess is fibromyalgia?  I'm not convinced that's even a real disease.

I have a new drug that I don't want to start on.

I have been told by eligibility and travel that my bone scan isn't shown as service connected, so no reimbursement for travel.  They say the doctor has to mark it.  The doctor says there's no place to mark it.  Nobody knows who can fix it, but they damn sure know it's NOT their job.

For a shining moment of hope, I'd forgotten it's va.gov...  Stupid me.

I have appointments with an as yet unnamed "primary" doctor at the Palm Harbor clinic.

Since it does no good to talk to these fucks, I think I will just skip it.

By the way, the Disabled American Veterans office at Bay Pines is only open 9-noon daily.  That is so completely convenient!

Fuck this shit.  They broke me and they can't fix me or want to deal with me.

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