13 March 2017

Domestic Violence Injunction

Florida has two different things for a similar effect.

The No Contact Order and the Domestic Violence Injunction.

They're very similar but, for me, have a key difference.

A No Contact Order doesn't encumber my right to own or possess a firearm.

A Domestic Violence Injunction, does.

I'm under a no-contact order.

That's why the judge didn't warn me that I may not possess weapons like she did for so many other defendants at the bond hearing session.

I think it's also a measure of how guilty they think I am in this case.

I've discovered I have several lawyers as friends who're good at explaining, informally of course, how this process works and why they think my chances are excellent for a no-file of charges.

One likened filing charges to a spaghetti dinner.  When it's hot and fresh, you want to dig right in.  The longer it sits and the colder it gets, the less you want to touch it.  He indicated that two weeks without a scheduled arraignment hearing is a good sign that the state's attorney is letting the clock run out on the investigation.

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