17 March 2017

Pinch Me

I am not Irish.

I am not Catholic.

I am Scots/English/Norwegian/Italian with a smattering of others, but no Irish.

I am not wearing green.

Bring on the pinches!


  1. The only green I was wearing was my Rhodesian flag patch on my shoulder. I've been waiting for someone to explode in rage at me about that (or the Confederate Air Force blood chit, with the CS battle flag on it) but so far, nobody's noticed or recognized it. I wonder what would happen if I went to Berkeley?

    1. I think I will ask Willard and Ian how they feel about you wearing that flag. What with them having fought for the place and all.

    2. Me, I was just born there. My parents were on a visit to relatives in Salisbury when I came along.

    3. No shit! All the years we've known each other you've never admitted to being a Godless Foreigner!

      Godless, heck you brag about that, but never a furriner.

      Did you get a chance to claim citizenship or dual citizenship when you turned 18?

    4. I just checked. You weren't born in Rhodesia. You were born in The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland or Central African Federation.

      Claiming to be born in Rhodesia when you were born is a bit like saying you were born in the USA if you happened to be birthed in St Augustine, FL in 1816.

    5. That's got ribbing attached, not a malicious jibe at all.

    6. When I turned 18, Rhodesia was in the process of becoming Zimbabwe, and I didn't try for dual citizenship. I had found that talking about it upset people, so I kept off the subject.

      And since both my parents were US citizens, I was born a US citizen. Just in partibus infidelium.


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