22 March 2017

Out In The Open

Something all over the Bay Pines VA medical center are signs that say, "The Price of Freedom Is Visible Here."

In my dealings of the past two weeks I think the medical staff takes that to heart and the administrative drones don't.

I've gotten helpful advice from several people whose name badges identified them as doctors.

My cane is too long, for example, and an ortho doctor explained how to figure out the correct length to shorten it to.

I had a surgeon track down where the lab was for me, because the one on the first floor had closed and she was positive there was another place to have blood drawn.

Because the parking lot should be a solid handicapped space, they run a shuttle golf cart around asking we we'd like a lift.  The drivers never fail to thank the veterans for our service.

The contrast with Des Moines location is stark.

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  1. The contrast between most nice places and Iowa is stark...


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