29 March 2017


I've been reading some that suppressor makers are experiencing a bit of a lull in orders since 41F went into effect and that many are blaming people waiting on the Hearing Protection Act.

Some are blaming the extra tedium of submitting under 41F.

I've been following a couple of places where they're tracking how long it's been taking to get a Form 1 or 4 processed...

We're starting to see July 2017 2016 submissions approved now.  That's a nine month wait.

There were a steadily increasing number of submissions from when 41P was announced and a huge surge of submissions just before the deadline, wait times seem to be increasing by about five days per calendar day of submission!

I suspect at least a few, perhaps many, are waiting for the surge to be processed to assess the wait times before buying.


  1. July 2017? They come pre-approved!

    1. Damn kids on my lawn, actually reading what I wrote and not what I meant.


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