21 March 2017

Worming My Way

Asking around a wee bit and I am led to understand that a 10% skeletal disability was intended to be a place-keeper at the time of discharge.

A sort of, "he's fucked because it's going to keep getting worse, but he's just bad enough to discharge right now, but otherwise not too messed up."

If that's true then I really REALLY want the bastards who told me to "gut it out" in Des Moines to burn in Hell.

Gutting it out is what I've been doing the past 27 years.

I don't like Naproxen 500mg twice a day either.  It does take the edge off, but it leaves a taste in my mouth about an hour after taking it and it really saps my energy.

I looked up how much filthy taxpayer lucre an increase in my percentage would yield.  I'd always assumed that the percentage was a close approximation of your pay for your time/grade.  It's the same rate regardless of time in service and rank.

100% isn't 10x 10% either.  Figure that one out.

I can't tell if The Boy counts towards the calculations either.  Rates of 30% or higher include matrices for spouses, parents, children and A/A spouses.

Just for vanity's sake I want the 70% rating because you become eligible for the spiffy special license plates.  Greed, of course, wants the 100%.  The Wookie in me says I shouldn't suck from the taxpayer's teat at all.

I promise that the money spent on my Veteran's Compensation will only be dollars taxed from Hollywood Liberals.


  1. Don't sweat it.

    You served when many wouldn't.
    You suffered harm because of that service.
    You deserve to be made whole, but if that can't be done, then you EARNED that compensation.

  2. TAKE THE MONEY. When you enlisted you and Uncle Sam made a deal. You would undergo extraordinary risks, and if anything happened to you because of it you would be taken care of. You kept your end, make Uncle keep his.


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