07 September 2010

Ah HA!

Geff helped me put my finger on it.

It's not atheists that bother me. It's anti-christian bigots who call themselves atheists that bother me.

It's obvious once you talk to them for a while that the anti-christian thing is all that matters. They don't get all frothy about Jews or Moslems. In fact, they go out of their way to avoid pissing off moslems; gee wonder why?

EDIT:The core point of the previous two paragraphs is: it's wrong to blame everyone who's part of a larger group just because a subset of that group is being offensive!

Another thing he helped me realize: If the Ground Zero Mosque people were really interested in a dialog between Islam and the rest of us, once they were informed of how pissed their plan was making people, they'd have said, "Sorry about that," and picked a new location. But it's not about dialog, it's a victory memorial.

Speaking of victory memorials:




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