03 September 2010

Worst Guns

There's a bit of a meme running around the gun-blogs about "what was your worst gun?"

I am lucky in that I have never really gotten a gun I have loathed.

The revolvers I inherited from Grampa are about the worst guns I have ever owned for trigger pull. Iver Johnson and H&R were known for being affordable, not being silky smooth, so my expectations are met. Grampa was also clearly not a man who took meticulous care of his guns.

My Ruger Mini-14 was a frustrating rifle. Wobbly iron sights, B-Square scope mount that wouldn't stay tightened and a zero that would change from session to session. I didn't particularly care for the proprietary magazines, but they were at least reasonably abundant. I gave up on it and bought a Daewoo DR200.

The DR200 was a workmanlike gun, it never failed me. The front sight was at least 3/16" wide and the rear had a teensy little aperture, making you think that you could get better accuracy that you could. That front sight would block a man-size target completely out at just 50 yards. Better aim for center mass, because that's all you'll be able to see! It took normal M16 magazines, which was a plus; but it got labeled an non-sporting gun and imports were banned, that took the importer out and parts disappeared. I didn't want a gun that I couldn't get parts for, so I started getting AR-15s.

My luck with some guns did not extend to the next owner. The L1A1 clone I built on an Entr├ęprise Arms receiver was fine for me, fine for the next owner, never worked for the next. Sorry Eric. It was probably fixable, by someone who know a lot more about the FAL than we do.

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