22 September 2010

A note to motorcyclists.

Once upon a time I was a biker.  I sold my scoot when I became convinced that the four wheel traffic was actively trying to run me down.

I now think I was right; and I understand why now.

There's a minority of people on motorcycles who have their heads so completely up their asses, they have hemorrhoids on their tongues.  Ten under the limit, braking hard too soon, weaving in and out of traffic, you name it.  All of them looking like refugees from some Hard Corps Biker™ mag.

Two things my dad taught me when I was learning to ride were, "you are invisible to 80% of drivers," and "the other 20% can see you and are TRYING to hit you."  These idiots are riding like everyone can see them and that the traffic laws (or even basic courtesy) doesn't apply.

I look out for bikes, but you have to be predictable for me to avoid you.  Remember also, your 500 lbs of bike and 250 lbs of you can certainly stop in less distance than my 3,300 lbs of car and 250 lbs of me.  If you get to zero and all I can do is get down to 20 before hitting you, you're going to be going like 15 again.  Neither of us wants that to happen, so be a bit more gentle with the brakes, OK?

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