27 September 2010

Interesting find in my parts bin...

In the course of aquiring parts for Sabrina, my XM177E2 clone, I ended up buying two complete carbine stock sets.  One to get the correct aluminum sliding portion, one to get an undamaged receiver extension.

Both sets came with a spring and buffer.

I was reading the Vuurwapen Blog comparison of the H, H2 and H3 buffers for carbines and got to thinking that since my SBR has an over-sized gas port that I should use a heavier buffer.  I knew I had an H buffer in the bin, so I went digging to swap it out; that's when I noticed on of the buffers in the bin looked different.  Turns out I have a Colt 9mm buffer that came with one of my stock purchases.  I thought that I would give that one a try for a while and see what affect it has.

Vuurwapen has a comparison showing a standard, H and 9mm too.  The H does better for the bounce there; so I will run the H and see.

A standard buffer is 3 oz.  H is 3.8 oz, H2 is 4.6 oz, H3 is 5.4 oz.  A standard 9mm buffer is 5.5 oz.

Left to right:
9mm, H, Standard.

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