04 February 2013

Gaming Project

Since I don't have anything constructive to do of late, I've decided that I am going to make a 150 point GURPS 4e character for each TL from 0-8.

Should be interesting.

I also need to hit the copy place for more character sheets.

The TL break-down for the curious:

TL 0 Stone Age
TL 1 Bronze Age (3500 BC+)
TL 2 Iron Age (1200 BC+)
TL 3 Medieval (600 AD+)
TL 4 Age of Sail (1450 AD+)
TL 5 Industrial Revolution (1730 AD+)
TL 6 Mechanized Age (1880 AD+)
TL 7 Nuclear Age (1940 AD+)
TL 8 Digital Age (1980 AD+)

Some of these span a rather large historical timeframe.  TL5 in particular sits astride some gigantic changes in technology.

I am thinking of:

TL 0 an outcast shaman.  A traveling shaman
TL 1 something Greek.  Mycenaean in fact!
TL 2 Roman.  Parthian horse archer cum tin merchant.
TL 3 A Viking slaver.
TL 4 Romantic highwayman.  Italian duelist and master swordsman.
TL 5 American colonial.
TL 6 Jade prospector.
TL 7 Drug smuggling pilot.
TL 8 Police detective.

Got some thinking to do.  Coming up with something adventury is a challenge.  I also need to decide if magic or psi is appropriate and fun.

1 comment:

  1. TL6: Adventurer (Harry Flashman, Lawrence of Arabia
    TL7: Mercenary (former Legionnaire, Rhodesian Army)


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