04 March 2015


There is nothing so frustrating as trying out an unfamiliar design system in a game and having your numbers not match the samples.

GURPS: Traveller Interstellar Wars I am looking at you!

I can't get my numbers to match their numbers for the Iiken class scout-courier.

I can get very close, but not quite.  I'm using the number of systems they say they used but I end up with seven dTons of extra cargo space; 5.6 tons heavier empty and 21.8 tons heavier loaded which is doubly wrong because 7 extra tons of cargo space should make it 35 tons too heavy all alone, so it should be 40.6 tons overweight if all the assumptions were the same.

ISW is another example of the ship rules changing things so that the feel is altered.  It doesn't feel like Traveller anymore.

On the plus side, it's sure an interesting part of the Traveller history and set so far in the past of the more normal Third Imperium that maybe it shouldn't feel like Traveller.


The feel of the ship design comes pre-disrupted by the change in fuel requirements.  GURPS fusion power plant don't consume tons and tons of liquid hydrogen every month.

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