20 March 2015

Too Short

Got my MOE Fixed Carbine Stock.

In a word, it's short.

1.75" shorter than a CTR at full extension.

One inch shorter even than an M16A1 buttstock, which is a good length for me.

What this stock is sized for is the shoulders squared to the target, hurts my elbows Chris Costa gladiator slave training technique... if you also use a plate carrier.

For just under $30 it's a great deal.  If you're comfortable shooting squared to the target, it's probably a good stock, it's solid, sturdy and well made (duh Magpul) it's simply too darned short for me.  If it were an inch longer, perhaps I could make it work.  With that in mind I'm going to look for one of those extended butt pads I hear tell about.

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