17 March 2015


I think I am officially sick of the Florida NRA; which near as I can tell an entirely Marion Hammer entity when it's in Tallahassee with the legislature is in session.

Now there's the BATFE churning away at Rule Making 41P and forcing the members of a trust to get CLEO sign-off.

Someone asked Ms Hammer if there was any movement from the NRA to get "shall certify" put into effect here in Florida.

They got, "Ms. Hammer surfaced the idea with the NRA's legislative branch and they did not think it prudent as - if I recall correctly - BATF could potentially reject all Forms 4 signed by a CLEO on the grounds that he/she did not have discretion to approve the transfer if Florida law were worded such that the CLEO was required to approve NFA acquisitions."

So ATF has been declining Form 4's from Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah?

Really guys?

Tennessee has had their shall sign since 2003! I'm afraid that she's going to have to show that it's a REAL problem before she opposes it.

Some of us remember 2011 when Ms Hammer opposed SB-234 and HB-517, we watched her doing it, and then when she got mad at us for noticing. Mostly because it stopped being HER bill done HER way and became an open carry bill.

But hey, that was FOUR YEARS ago, we're supposed to have forgotten by now, right?

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