23 March 2015


A SAKO Kiv/39 made in 1942.  She's in far more original shape than Reeta, Bubba didn't attempt to refinish Martta's stock!

Edit to add:  The wood smells like I remember log cabins and log playground equipment in the summer.

She came from Pat Burns, who's been emptying a warehouse of Kiv/39 for at least five years.

I love the earlier pattern of engraving on the SAKO guns a lot more than the Tikkakovski and VKT guns.  Note also the scoured Peter II seal, which I think means it was a Soviet gun at one point.  I don't think the Finns bothered to scour the imperial seals off their guns.
1916 Tula hex receiver.  A year newer receiver than Hanna, but seven years separated as Finn rework.
L to R: Ase- ja Ampumatarvikevarikko 1 mark (AVT1 or Arms and Munition Depot 1), SAKO proof mark and Suomen Armeija (SA or Finnish Army) property mark.
SAKO marked cocking piece.
The rest is the usual mix of recycled Russian parts, mostly Tula.

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