26 March 2015

Color Matching

I decided that Sabrina needed to be returned to the XM177E2 I set out to make instead of the GAU-5/A I settled for.

But finding an suitable A1 upper has been a slog.

I finally found an LM marked upper.  These were made just before the M16A2 began issue to boot-strap the M16A1's long enough to bridge the gap.

The gray of the early M16 series gets progressively darker as time goes on, so the LM upper is much darker than the 'Nam vintage gray of Nodak's lowers.  Since Tabitha is a clone of the M16A1 I was issued in basic (for the very few times I was) and I was in basic just as the M16A2 was being issued to tank units... the mismatch of the colors is appropriate for her.

I moved the NDS marked Nodak A1 upper back over to Sabrina and at last my hand is whole.

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