29 March 2015


The top 15 candidates for the Republican nomination might own up to 40 guns?


For me to be enthusiastic about a candidate's gun-cred he (or she) had better own more guns than I do.  It takes 15 of them to barely top House McThag.

Jeb Bush and Chris Christie don't own guns at all: fuck 'em.

It's past time we got a president who actually likes guns rather than just mouths the proper responses to get the coveted NRA A rating.

Getting a president who likes guns might keep us from dealing with things that other A rated Republican presidents gave us.  Like the Hughes amendment, this asinine armor piercing bullet shit (thanks Ronnie!) or the idiotic 922(r) (Bush Sr)...  And that's just signing shit-sammich laws passed by democratic majority congresses.

Anyone wanna plumb the depths of executive orders and see how often our supposed "friends" screwed us?


  1. Rick Perry isn't my first choice for Prez, but he carries and he's used it. Killed a coyote that went after his dog while they were out walking. We could do worse.

  2. 922(r) was an executive order.

    1. 18 USC 922(r) was passed into law from S.3266 "Crime Control Act of 1990" authored by Sen "Mumbles" Joe "Touchy Feely" Biden. Bush did sign it, but it was not an executive order.

      Passed by the Democrat controlled 101st Congress.

    2. S.3266 merely codified the existing EO.


    3. Well, that just underscores the point don't it? The NRA needs a little shrine at their HQ, "Good Riddance To These Assholes Who've Repudiated Their Life Memberships." Just for George.

    4. "Well, that just underscores the point don't it?"

      Prezackly. :)


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