16 March 2015


I've reached the point where I no longer consider a collapsable stock on an AR a desirable feature.

It's beard ripping power is undeniable!

For a while it was cool that it was a banned feature, and it still has that cachet to it, but not so much that I will demand it.

Unfortunately, the fixed stock from an M16A2 suits me unwell.  The corners of the butt and placement of the swivel are wrong for me.  The trap-door M16A1 stock fits me right as does the Magpul MOE rifle stock.

In the near future I'll be testing Cavalry Manufacturing's C1 stock in purple on Valentine and seeing just how short "too short" is with a Magpul MOE Carbine Fixed stock on Kaylee (she's always the guinea pig isn't she?).

Plus we might even check out some other options since poor suffering Willard fell victim to Black Rifle Disease via the vector of cheap lower receivers.  He's fighting the disease, keep him in your prayers.


  1. I found that the magpul collapsible stock I threw on my Evil Black Rifle is moderately comfortable kind of, but nowhere near sufficiently heavy to offset the bull barrel and 13" aluminum forend. I'm thinking of switching to an ACS or even a UBR stock when I have the funds and inclination to do so, with a brick of lead in that little storage compartment. A more solid pistolgrip might help balance things out a little as well.

    I still like having the option to get things a bit shorter for transport, and kind of need the adjustable stock if anyone but me is to use the gun.

    1. A trick I learned about the AR... If you need it shorter for transport, pull the receiver pins and separate the upper and lower.

      That makes it shorter overall than even the shortest collapsible.

    2. Yeah, I've heard of that. Mostly it's being able to adjust it for other people, and family and friends range anywhere from 5'0" to 6'5".


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