31 March 2015

The Reason I Should What Now?

Why You Should Abandon The AR-15

First.  The AR-15 is the parent rifle of the AR-15.  Armalite Rifle, model 15 predates the M16.  It predates Colt making the Project Agile guns.

Second.  It's not THE AR-15.  Which segues into his second reason for bailing.

<WHINES> There are too many choices and boutique manufacturer specific parts for the AR and I'm confused and nobody should have to figure this out and I was in the Air Force!</WHINES>

Reading that I realize that I should have been crushed under weight of keeping track of the no-two-alike versions of the AR that've got here.  But...

No.  Despite his table, there are two buffers in stock (pun!) here rifle and H-Carbine.  All of the LPK parts are the same,  all of the bolt carrier groups interchange...  This didn't come from being super careful in the selection of configurations, it's just how things worked out because there really aren't a huge variety of buffers and springs unless you seek out the less common variations.

His mention of anti-tilt buffers is a dead give away, and I'd argue that once you need one, you're not running an AR any more than a G36 is an AR-18...  Piston AR's are their own world and shouldn't be counted with the more normal AR.

What he's doing here is retroactively justifying his decision to focus on owning an AK, not doing a reasoned analysis of the pros and cons then making a rational decision between them.

We weren't supposed to notice, we're just supposed to click on the link and give him the hits.  I have assisted him to success!

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