01 April 2015


For those scoring at home...

The milspec CTR stock from Kaylee trips the scales at 9.1 oz.

Out of the box the milspec MOE Fixed Carbine with a QD socket is 10.0 oz.  Adding the PRS extended buttpad increases that to 11.1 oz.

Overall weight of the lower with the stock, buttpad and QD socket (with 3.5 oz. H buffer) installed is 2 lb. 6.2 oz.

Doing the complicated math...  Going with the too-short buttpad reduces that to 2 lb. 5.1 oz and changing back to the CTR would be 2 lb. 4.2 oz.

Contrast that with Dottie's MOE Rifle equipped lower at 2 lb. 10.1 oz. or an A2 lower at 2 lb. 9.5 oz.

However I've been told that I shouldn't count ounces because I can't do calisthenics in my aged crippled state.

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