05 April 2015

Barney Style

Since The Heathers are dumb as fucking posts and need it explained more fully than the dog would to program a VCR.

So fucking what that there's a law.

The "Great Protected Classes™®" are the classes worthy of special mention by the media when something bad™ happens to one of them but nary a mention of when the same bit of discrimination occurs to someone outside that class.

But I really don't think I needed to explain that.  The Heathers deliberately mistook what I said so that they could gang up and bully on someone who disagreed with them about the reasons for a recent change to a law.

They're perfectly happy with the state forcing people to do business contrary to their morals and religion; when they claim to be full on wookie suited libertarians; they are lying.  They are frauds.

Not that my complaining about it here will have even the slightest effect.

The Heathers are the popular "in-crowd" and I had the temerity to speak as a peer, I had to be forcefully reminded that I wasn't actually a member, but a hanger on they tolerated as long as I was amusing.


Bullies rarely recognize that they are bullies.  They normally respond with variations of "I didn't do anything wrong" or "well they shouldn't have..."  If they respond at all, since it's always the person bullied who's somehow at fault and they don't deserve the dignity of a response.

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