15 April 2015

Two Things

Girls.  Don't drink until you pass out on the beach.  During spring break most especially.

Guys.  A passed out girl is not in any way a "come hither" pose.

I'd say savages here, but I'd be called a racist.  Race is incidental to the behavior.

The onus of blame is entirely on the guys.  A civilized man would have sought aid and protected the incapacitated girl.  The worst that girl should have experienced was an epic sunburn and crippling hangover from being so stupid to pass out on a sunny beach.


  1. Without a doubt the onus is on the guys who did the act.

    But I take exception with the idea that a 'civilized man' would have protected the girl. Not in today's society. We are told that doing so is sexism. That they are equal. At most today's civilized man owed her benign neglect -- just left her there.

    This is the by-product of the equal rights movement; if they aren't willing to accept the requirements associated with 'gentlemanly behavior' then they can't expect us to continue to shoulder the responsibilities of being a gentleman.

    Again -- I'm not blaming the crime on the girl....not in any form or fashion. All I'm saying is without the accompanying social obligations on the part of the lady, there is no social contract on the part of gentleman. They owed her nothing more leaving her there, maybe at the outside making sure she was on her side in case of regurgitation.

    Bob S.

    1. My civilization aids and protects the helpless, in this case a girl. I could have been a man too. But it was a girl being assaulted by savages. Savages we do nothing to prevent from walking among the civilized.

    2. Angus,

      That depends on the definition of 'civilized' and your conditional 'man' in the post. My argument isn't that people should have stopped the assault. Once the assault was started people could have jumped in -- but again, recent (as in last decades) social conditioning have taught us that a.) we shouldn't interfere, b.) we shouldn't judge how people get their kicks.

      Unless someone had been there with them the entire time, there was no way to know if it wasn't part of some kinky sex play.

      My main objection is to the idea that as a man, we owe a responsibility to the women to protect them. Sorry -- I happen to agree -- but I won't 'jump in to save' very many women today because I've been told too many time that is sexist. Women wanted to be treated equally, they didn't want to be protected -- well part of the consequences is how people respond no days.
      It isn't just the sexual equality, it is the entire "you have to accept my lifestyle" and 'leave it to the professionals, just call the police".

      The morals and ethics we espouse often conflict with the morals and ethics of the larger society in general -- And that society has told us repeatedly to mind our own business. Well guess what. People did exactly that. Society has told is 'anything goes in public' - guess what, people stood by and watched because of it.

      I am not arguing that it was acceptable behavior. I'm not arguing that we should, as a society, continue to stand by and do nothing in situations like this.

      What I'm saying is that it has to be a two way street. In return for a society where 'civilization aids and protects the helpless' we have to have a society that rewards those who take responsibility. In return for a society were we prevent the savages from walking among the civilized, we have to protect those who act in society's best interest. Look at what happened to Zimmerman in Florida for example of how today's society treats those who step up and even questions someone who looks out of place.

      Our civilization is gone. We can move back toward it a little bit but until we do -- people have to realize that they are on their own. T

      Bob S.

  2. "I can save you, but it's exercising my cismale privilege and I KNOW you hate that shit, so enjoy your rape..."

    I get how you feel.


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