20 April 2015

Go Right Ahead

Go ahead and copyright your shit, automakers.

I've got a multitude of choices to eliminate you from my car if need be.

Not least of which is Mega-Squirt.


  1. I'll just have to consider my willingness to do serious maintenance on the Z3 and see if I can get another ten or fifteen years out of it.

    1. Time to pave the drive so you have a place to work too?

      I cannot help but think the end result for modders will be complete replacement open-source modules instead of merely small edits to the OEM codes. The aftermarket people I talked to at the PRI show say the OEMs are getting increasingly adversarial when it was cooperative previously.

    2. Looking at it from the OEM's point of view, I can see their reluctance to allow it, given that they're on the hook to comply with ever more ridiculous standards of economy and safety and are relying on more computer control over every vehicle subsystem to do it.

      I don't like it one bit, but it looks like the wave of the future. (I also think that those who say we're closer to the era of self-driving cars than we realize are probably right. *checks watch* Thank god, only twenty more years left. ;) )

    3. I am going to start calling all of the mandated safety systems on cars "we must save the idiots at all cost" systems. All it's doing is increasing the number of idiots out there!

      Isn't there an aside in a Niven Known Space story where the POV character is flat out stunned that those cars racing on a remnant of the LA highways are being controlled MANUALLY without even radar or anything!

  2. Good discussion happening here, BTW...



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