20 April 2015

Repeat Suggestion

I don't like police officers shooting dogs.

I don't want police to be unable to defend themselves should they need to.

I have a suggestion to make sure that they will only shoot a dog if it's necessary.

One month unpaid suspension for shooting a dog.  Per dog.

What's more valuable, a month's pay or your life?


Additionally if it's determined that it was unnecessary to harm the animal, they're fired.

Ideally "DOG KILLER" is tattooed on their forehead, but that's prolly taking it too far.

The above "fantasy" is really a reaction to there being absolutely no disincentives to a cop shooting anything and donning the cloak of officer safety to justify it.

I might let it slide if their chiefs would stop lobbying against my interests at the capitol and generally manipulating statistics to their own ends instead of the community's.

1 comment:

  1. Me, I'd like to see them facing the same sort of charges a "civilian" would for stunts like pulling no-knock raids on the wrong premises. If you or I battered down someone's door and charged into their domicile, even if we did not end up stopping bullets, we would be looking at years in the Greybar Hotel. Why should some bunch of jackbooted government thugs get a pass because they "made a mistake" or took some scumbag informant's word at face value without carefully cross-checking?


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