20 April 2015

Getting Kicked Out

The Lovely Harvey has noticed that she loses like 80 hours of vacation time if she doesn't take some time off before the end of June.

Since she's planning on having her mom down and doing the staycation thing... and I complain that when she takes vacation I rarely get to go anywhere or see anyone...

She's kicking me out at the end of June.

So from June 20th through June 27th I am evicted and ordered to have some fun.

Normally I'd hit the old home-town in Iowa and get in some GURPS time.

Can't find a place to crash, can't afford a week of hotel.  Isn't it amazing how when we get older and settle down having a friend on the couch for a week isn't all that alluring?  Especially to significant others with whom you've no connection besides your friend?

OK, maybe not so amazing.

Possibly your friends are way happier with you at a distance and the spouse/sig-other is a handy excuse too.

Oddly if I stay east of the Mississippi there might be more vacation fun.

I've got at least two friends who moved from around here to the Indianapolis area.  If I go up by a very circuitous route I can run The Tail of the Dragon, hit the National Corvette Museum and Sinkhole, check out the Indianapolis Motor Speedway museum and maybe more!  Lots of car stuff along this route.  Maybe even check out The Patton Museum of Leadership now that Ft Knox isn't the Armor Training Center any more.

I have friends West along I-10ish.  Sadly several phone numbers aren't responding.


  1. Dude, if you come through Indy, let me know. I love playing Chamber of Commerce. First couple beers are on me. :)

  2. As it stands it looks like four days in the Indy area total.

    I'd love to have chamber of commerce treatment! And buy a couple rounds just for diplomatic purposes so that the people of Indiana and Florida will not be at war.

  3. Keep me informed on the Indy dates. I could easily be convinced to drive down and let Tam buy both of us a beer. :-)



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