02 April 2015


I've noticed, again, that I seem to have some sort of miraculous ability to get a rifle zeroed.

Ten rounds each for two trips for Tabitha yesterday.  And it would have been nine each, but there's ten rounds on a clip...

Ten rounds each trip to confirm the zero.

40 rounds total.

I've watched people have to go back to the sales counter at the range and buy more ammo because they're not getting anywhere.  They flail at the knobs and never seem to move the group meaningfully in the direction they want to go.

I've asked if I could help a couple of times and gotten them straightened out in less than ten rounds too.

Is turning the dial in the direction of "UP" to make the group move up that hard?

I do know that many people don't grasp that 1/4" at 100 yards per click means that you're going to have to make 4x as many clicks if you zero at 25 yards.  Yes, 16 clicks to an inch seems like a lot, but those are fine clicks.

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