01 April 2015

Why Not AK?

Most of my reasons for not owning an AK are pretty darned ephemeral.

Foremost is it's not dirt simple to build one from a parts kit like an AR and it was assembling AR's from pieces that got me into them.

Most AK variations don't fit me well, which meant I'd have to have forced myself to get used to it or be very selective about what gun I bought.

I prefer aperture sights to open.

My choice has nothing to do with how inherently accurate an AK is, how reliable it can be when you deliberately abuse it, how hard hitting the round is or that it's of Soviet origin.

My choice doesn't make yours wrong, by the way since I'm stating a preference here.

I'd probably own one, but there's always something a little shinier to buy, like Finnish Mosins!

This is also why I don't have an SKS, but I'm closer to finally getting one of those than an AK at present.  They're both in line behind a Swiss Schmidt-Rubin of some kind.

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