09 April 2015


Willard's been dragged, kicking and screaming, into Black Rifle Disease.

That's a Spike's Tactical middy dissapator (16" 1:7 chrome-lined) upper with Anderson lower, Del Ton lower parts kit and UTG A2 stock and 5/14 rear sight.

Dissapator compared to an M16A2 clone:

The A2 clone comes in at 8 lb. 6.2 oz. loaded.  The Dissy is 8 lb. 6.0 oz.  While mass is lost by taking off 4" of heavy barrel, the dissy adds it back on with the under-handguard gas block and the Magpul MOE rifle handguards are heavier than USGI (12.3 oz. vs 8.7 oz.).

The reason that he's got BRD is AIM Surplus was selling Anderson lowers for $40 each.

Now we know why they were so cheap:

And this is with an 80% sized pistol grip that's so common in LPK nowadays.  It was worse with the properly sized mil-surp on I was going to give him.  Also note how the stock doesn't match the contour.

Here's how it's supposed to look.

It functions like it should hand-feeding and dry-firing, it just looks a little off and there might be some blisters in Willard's future from where it rubs wrong.

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