01 April 2015


Or should that be ACDOR?

The process of zeroing Tabitha put the rear sight all the way to the left.

A sure sign of a canted front sight; or in this case an over generous slot for the barrel indexing pin.  More than a full bubble off level with the rear sight ears level.

Pulled the barrel nut, held the barrel agains the nut's rotation as I retorqued it.  Now there's only a small difference in their levels.  But that means going back to the range...

Hey, they're open until nine!

The Boy is home and engrossed in his video games, bet I could sneak out...


Yes, I can sneak out.  Turns out once you've paid you can come and go all you want all day!  That's handy!

Un-canting the front sight base allowed me to reclaim seven clicks from the rear sight.

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