25 April 2015


On Wednesday we had to take Shi Shu back in to be further treated for this nasty shit the neighbor's dog shares along the fence line.

Another $200 down the hole that I wouldn't have had to spend if they would simply do what's right by their dog.  Their miserable and obviously suffering dog.

I do not grok this behavior.

Sheesh gnaws on his ass when this stuff starts to take hold and the longest he has to wait is a few days for an appointment to open up, most often it's same day.  Knowing our pup, though, he's been feeling it about a week before he starts being obvious about it.

Yes, a visit to the vet is $100 - $200.  Yes, quite often we'd rather have spent that money on something else.

The thing is, we accepted responsibility for him the day we paid the pet store.  A lifetime commitment.  It's not a small thing and it's a very serious thing.

I simply cannot abide someone who shirks that responsibility.

Onyx next door is an abandoned dog in her own home.  This crud is curable, I know this because we cure it annually.  If they'd cure it we could both be rid of it.  If they're not going to cure it, why don't they let the poor thing out of her misery?

I know it's hard to take a pet on that last walk.  I cannot say I've lost count of the number of times I've had to, because I still feel each and every loss as if it happened a moment ago.

I question, though, if it would really be hard for these scumbags.  They clearly don't care about their dog.


  1. Where the hell are PeTA when you need them? I despise the animal-rights movement, but I will admit that in some cases they've been on the right side of things.

    Neighbors like this are part of why the Klan was once so popular; one of the things the Klan would do would be to put the fear of God (or the Klan) into people who were behaving badly. Up here, in the '20s, there was a case where the Klan found out about a guy who regularly beat ten bells out of his wife and kids, and were not pleased. The guy turned up one day with a very, very sore back, and after that he was the best-behaved person in town.

  2. Have you thought about talking to the authorities? These people sound like they're neglecting their dog, which is, as I understand it, a no-no. They could have the animal (and other animals they own) taken away. I can understand reluctance to involve the authorities, but this is what they're supposed to be for. You probably took a nice haircut in taxes this month (I know I did) so why not put that money to work?

  3. Animal control can't do anything unless they happen to see the dog while they are in the area.


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