09 April 2015

Try Again

While the law is carefully written to not create any special carve-outs for any particularly aggrieved party, I think we can be honest and admit that the application of that law is uneven at best.

I think we should admit that some aggrieved parties will receive free and sympathetic press regardless of how frivolous their claim and that other aggrieved parties will receive negative and hostile press regardless of how righteous and obvious their claim.

I believe that my right of freedom of association includes in its penumbra a right to refuse to do business with anyone for any reason.

A right.

It also seems a short trip from forcing me to sell to someone over my religious objections to forcing me to buy something over my religious objections.  A trip that, if it hasn't made its first steps with Obamacare, we're at least packed and ready to go.

Tuesday is bacon day and Friday is steak day.  Get to the restaurant and dig in!  Clean your plate, it's mandatory and for the good of the meat and food service industries!

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