18 April 2015


I have a former neighbor who wanted to participate in BAG day by buying my B-Barrel Kiv/39.

That would make it Sell A Gun day for me.

We're off to a bad start.

She said she wanted to buy it based on pics I put on Facebook.

Because she'd agreed to buy it and we'd hammered out a price, I took down my Gunbroker auction.

That was way back on March 24th.

Today was the day that we'd agreed upon to come up and make the exchange of money for the rifle.

Well, she scheduled something else for today in the mean time, can we do it Sunday?

SIGH.  Sure.

If she don't show tomorrow she can't buy it from me.  There's not enough money in the world for her to pry it out of my hands after making me wait three weeks then changing the meeting time at the last minute.

Here's some pics.  For $400 (plus shipping and handling) you can own it because if someone pays me before she shows, too bad.

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