20 April 2015

Casually WHAT?

Watching the Tyndall F-22A flight demo.

They are not demonstrating "post stall maneuvering", they are demonstrating "post departure maneuvering"!

The pilot just casually puts it in a falling leaf departure for the crowd and powers out of it.

That thud you heard was my jaw hitting the tarmac.

And we stopped building them.  We dismantled the assembly line.

The people in charge of that decision should be punished in a painful and humiliating way.  Prolly the same breed of moron that wants to kill off the A-10.  It's like the Air Force is afraid of planes that are proven good at their jobs if they have fewer than four engines and more than one.

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  1. I saw an F-22 do a demonstration in Ft Lauderdale some 6 years ago and I kept saying "You are not supposed to do that with a plane." I swear the pilot made that thing stand still on its tail... and then make it dance.


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