15 April 2015

Missed Greatness By Just A Wee Little Bit

Brian Johnson was apparently at the same car show I won my trophy.

Ever wish you'd taken a picture?  Me too.  I sometimes have trouble remembering my hand-comp is a camera in addition to being a phone.

Picture from http://www.carspottingsarasota.com/20120923/old-thunderguts-on-st-armands-circle/
Well, that's the car Marv and I were geeking on.

Mr Johnson was lounging behind the car.  Minding his own business.

It wasn't until hours later that Marv says, "wasn't that the car that was on Top Gear when they raced a Fisker at Bradenton?"

"Shit!" I replied, "then that guy behind the car was Brian Johnson!"

"Yeah that guy from that band..." Marv says.

"AC DC!"

It's funny, we were there as car people and we'd have happily nattered on about cars with him if we'd even considered talking to him.

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