02 April 2015

Everyone Should

Since there's surplus guns that every American should own...

If you're going to own an AR there's a variation that every AR owner should shoot.

A full-on retro 20" barrel 1:12 twist rifle shooting the original 55gr FMJ.

It shows the design as originally intended and how KISS it can get.

The 1:12 with XM193 (or most 55gr ammo) is accurate, sometimes more so than 1:9 or 1:7 with XM855.

It's impressive how light the gun can be without all of the add-on doohickies and geegaws; despite having four extra inches of barrel compared to the more common M4gery.

The ergonomics of the fixed stock and how gentle the recoil stroke gets from the rifle gas system and buffer really shine.

Every AR variation descended from THIS and you should know where you've been so that you can properly see where you ARE.

Bonus points if you select a Colt SP-1 or a pre-XM16E1 clone because they don't have the forward assist mucking up the works.

Shooting an earlier variation also gives an appreciation of everything old is new again with the three prong flash-hider.

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