23 March 2015

Aw Darn

Reading The Firearm Blog and I discover that MSAR has stopped.

While bullpups are something you either like or not, I'm still of the opinion that if more people doing more things is healthier than fewer people doing the same thing.

Variety being the spice of life as it were.

I think the real killer app here was Steyr re-entering the market with the AUG than a real failing with MSAR.  The market for an AUG is for people who want an AUG, and really the niche for an AUG clone was only there as long as there was no genuine Steyr.

1 comment:

  1. MSARs were generally POSs from the factory and needed serious un-f$cking to run right; the Kel-Tec "Fluff'n'Buff/Let The Customer QC It" business model.

    That said, I might know where there's one that's been to Rat Werx, and is all sexied up with their trigger kit, folding CH, both the Pic rail and optical sights, and 2x30/2x40 mags... for $1400.


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