04 March 2015

GURPS Version

A Straight Conversion of the Sydkai...

Subassemblies: SL Hull +10, 20x Turret +5.
Powertrain: Engineering, 200 Maneuver, 80 Jump Drive.
Fuel: 600 Jump Fuel Tank.
Occ: 11 Staterooms, 83 Bunks, 16 Low          Cargo: 43.44 dtons

Hull: 500 all facings.
Turrets: 500 all facings.

16 Turrets with 48x 500mm Turret Missile Racks (3 per Turret)
4 Turrets with 12x 405-MJ Turret Lasers (3 per Turret)
Nuclear Damper 25 mile range.

All: Basic IR and Emission Cloaking, Basic Stealth.  Hull: Genius Hardened Command Bridge, Hardened Basic Bridge, Electronic Warfare, 2 Military Sickbay (10 beds), 18 Drop Capsule Launcher, 18 Drop Capsule Ready Rack, 54 spare Drop Capsules, 1 Brig, 1 Armory, 1 Safe, 1 Complete Workshop, 210 dTon Spacedock (for 1x 60t Fast Cutter, 1x 50 Modular Cutter, 4x Astrin APC and 3x spare cutter modules), 2 Contragravity

Payload: 217.2 stons.
Lwt: 6,545.93 stons.
Volume: 2,000 dtons.
Maint: 124.04 mh/day
Price: MCr 667.69

HT: 12
HPs: 90,000 [Hull], 1,200 [each Turret]
sAccel: 3.06 Gs/3.16 Gs empty
Jump: 3

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