10 March 2015


It's become quite fashionable to bash things that are now obsolete as crap as if they'd always clearly been crap all along.

So crappy that they were obviously obsolete years before they were supplanted by newer designs.

The arguments are always expressed in a vacuum where many if not all of the influencing factors are flat ignored.

Reminds me a lot of book and film critics.  You know, the people that don't create a damn thing yet sit in judgement of the worth of the product when they are not, in fact, the customer?

Just because there is something better does not make it bad.

It's why some debates are so tiresome.

You read some sites and it's a wonder we won in WW2 with all the crap we had to work with.  Yet...

It's only the jaundiced modern eye looking back that sees the lack of worth and not the contemporary view.


  1. Kinda like that pussy weaksauce. 38 you got. Oddly 50 years ago it was a ubiquitous and respected firearm, today it'll just bounce off a cotton shirt unless you stoke it wit +p+ ammo!

  2. Yeah. That's it exactly. Only not.

  3. Well .38 Special is the stretched magnum version of .38 Long Colt... From a day when getting shot with a .32 was bad news because medicine of the day couldn't help you with the infection that was sure to follow.

    There are newspaper articles talking about how the cops didn't need more gun when they started changing over from .32's to .38's in places like New York and Chicago. The tone is along the lines of, "why do the police need such cannon?"


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