17 March 2015

Uncle Rolf's Estate

I've had an idea for a short Traveller campaign for a long time.

It is 245-1120.

"Uncle" Rolf Haut Janisansen, Baron Efate, Colonel (Ret) Imperial Marines.  Veteran of both the Fourth and Fifth Frontier wars.  Dhetskna Khuegsedzgulghae Lloea (The Burning Ear Parasite) to the Vargr.   Tladr iez chiadl'r'njda jda tladr zhdanel   (The Ghost Hammer) to the Zhodani.

Baron Efate.

Bloody Rolf from his ownership of a mercenary company during the Fifth Frontier War and earning his patent of nobility from the vicious fighting during the siege of Efate.

He made a promise and established trusts and endowments so that the people left without spouses and or parents from losses in his unit from the 4th Frontier War wouldn't have to depend on the insufficient stipends from the Imperium.

You know him as a jovial old man whom had endless patience for you as children.

He died a very rich man barely two years after being created Baron Efate.

His title went to his biological daughter, as did most of the wealth, but ownership of his mercenary company has not been disbursed.

The players are the descendants of those killed in action from Force Ensign (later Force Captain) Janisansen's platoon (later company) during the 4th Frontier War; who have completed honorable active service in the Imperial Army, Marines, Navy, Scout or Merchant Service.

What remains to be distributed is the mercenary company, its assets and Imperial license.  Those assets include three Broadsword class mercenary cruisers.

There has been a long running dispute over who gets the mercenary license and the ships.  The unit was deactivated, but not disbanded, at the end of the Fifth Frontier War in 1110 when Rolf got his title.  The executive officer naturally assumed she'd be the one taking over the unit when Rolf retired.

What she's inherited is an endowment and trust that is supposed to provide for the widows and orphans of Rolf's Raiders LLC, an endowment which is well funded but Major Helgrade sees it as an accountant's job not honorable soldiering; so she's always coveted running The Raiders.

The campaign begins at the final reading of the will.

All of the legal documents and the complete will are released to all interested parties.

To put it simply: "Ownership of Imperial License EEM3201201185 and associated properties and assets are in dispute.  Therefore, the paperwork is your clues, and it's a race!  First come, first serve.  The only rule being you cannot split up.  GO!"

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