19 March 2017


The present doldrums of gun buying aren't my fault!

My rate of purchases didn't really change throughout all the panics.

My post Trump purchases pretty much matched my post Obama rate.

I bought as I had money available and ban threats didn't really affect my decisions.

Only the FAL was bought with even the mention of a potential ban, and that was wild speculation between Harvey and I.

The rest of the pile was simply because I found them interesting.

But I did realize that damn few of my guns were purchased new.

As far as modern guns go, I tend to buy used.  For AR's, while I buy new, I buy new parts not complete rifles.  My last two new guns were the Savages.

You can tell from reading this blog that those were not my last two purchases!

I have not done my part at all in keeping the gun companies alive.

But, then, they haven't really done much in the way of making something I wanted to buy.

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