07 March 2017

Somehow It Isn't Theft

When I was arrested I had $113 in my pocket.

When I was released, I was given a prepaid debit card with $98 on it.

$15 just disappeared!

If you used that card as a card, there was a $2.95 a transaction charge.

The salvation was that if you did an "over the counter" transfer at a bank for the full amount on the card, it was not charged a fee (unless you bank charged one).  This is a first-time, one-time transaction.  If you use it at all, you're no longer eligible for the full transfer.

Because ATM machines don't dispense anything but $20 bills around here, if I didn't have a bank to go over the counter with, then I'd have lost $18 in addition to my missing $15 because I could only withdraw $80.

The real trap of this card is if you don't have anyone to pick you up from jail.  There's an ATM in the lobby so you can pay a cab...

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  1. LE steal from people? Say it ain't so!


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